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Retro Sony Playstation, PS1, PsOne, PSX Game Cheats
Resident Evil Director's Cut
Also known as: BioHazard Directors Cut
Alt. name(s): RE Directors Cut, Bio Hazard Director's Cut

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Unlimited rocket launcher:
Finish the game within three hours without rescuing anyone. A rocket will appear after the credits. Choose to continue playing after the game restarts. The rocket launcher will be available when the new game begins. Note that the rocket launcher does not shoot well upwards or downwards.
Change clothes: Rescue the other two players and finish the game. The phrase "You've got the special key" will appear after the credits. Save the game. Start the game that was just saved. Enter the room with the large mirror on the second floor of the mansion. Unlock the door in the back. Enter the closet and move all the way to the end of the rack of clothes. A message asking "There is an outfit that fits you perfectly, do you want to put it on?" will appear. Select "Yes" to change your character's clothes. Note: When playing the game with the "Arrange" option, your character will not have the key, but the door will be unlocked allowing clothes to be changed at any time. Enter the left-hand door on the right side (as you face the stairs) of the main hall. Shoot a few zombies (at the beginning) or a hunter (after entering the guard-house) to reach the room.
Game Counter: Complete the game one time. After you finish the game and restart, save over the old game, and you will get the "Next Game" along with 00-00 (meaning the start of a second game).


Double items:
Highlight the "Arrange" option on the game mode screen and hold Right until the pointer turns green. Begin game play and double the normal amount of items, including ink ribbons and ammunition, will be available. Note: This does not effect other items, such as health sprays or herbs.
Unlimited magnum: Select "Arrange" mode and complete the game as either character in any amount of time. The unlimited magnum will be available when the game is replayed. This weapon makes it easier to complete the game in under three hours for the unlimited rocket launcher, at which point both weapons will be available for another game.
View ending sequence: Note: This trick requires the PlayStation Underground Jampacked disc featuring Tomba and Duke Nukem. Load the Jampacked disk and highlight the option for viewing the Tomb Raider FMV sequence. Place the Resident Evil: The Director's Cut disc in the PlayStation, wait briefly, then select the Tomb Raider FMV sequence option. This will display one of the ending sequences.
Killing Plant 42: Chris can save ammunition when fighting Plant 42 by using the combat knife. Only about a dozen hits with the knife are needed to kill it.
Auto aim: Instead of having to turn around manually to shoot the zombies, hold R1 and your character will automatically aim their gun at the nearest zombie/danger. Tap L1 while continuing to hold R1 to have your character re-adjust his or her aim. This is a much faster way to fight quick enemies, and saves ammunition from missed shots.
Logging onto the computer: To log in to the computer in the lab, and unlock the areas B1 and B2, use the following passwords: 1st: John - 2nd: Ada - 3rd:Mole.
Getting the Star Crest: Go to the hall with the numerous paintings and crows. Put the switches behind the paintings in the following order: new born baby; infant; lively boy; young man; middle-aged man; bold looking old man.
Saving herbs: If herbs are not needed immediately when found, take some time to transport them to one of the Boxes. If you need to use them later, you will know where to find them.
Save ammunition as Jill: When playing as Jill, do not shoot the first zombie that is standing over Kenneth's body. Instead, run into the dining room. Barry will speak to Jill before the zombie comes though the door. Barry will shoot it three times, blowing off its head.
Save ammunition as Jill or Chris: Stand behind the statue in the room above the dining room. When the zombies come up on the other side, they will try to walk through the statue leaving you free to knife them to death.
Saved by Barry: After you see the first zombie and look for Wesker, go through the blue door, then go through the hall with the dogs. After you are through that hall, go to the end of the next one. When you reach the end, you will find two doors. Go through the single door and get the shotgun. Note: You do not need the broken shotgun to get it. You will see the bars go up. Ignore them and go back the way you came from and Barry will save you.
Playing as Jill: Before walking into the room where the zombie is leaning over Kenneth's body, put your back towards that room. Then, walk in the room backwards. This provides a quicker escape. When you run into the dining room, where Barry will blow its head off, there is less of a chance for the zombie to get Jill.
Finding the blue and red jewels as Jill: While on the second floor above the dining room(the balcony) you will see a statue. Face the side of the statue and begin walking into it. You will start pushing it . When you reach a gap in the railing, get behind the statue and push it off. Go down stairs to the dining room and you will find the broken statue. Walk up to the statue and you will see something shining. That is the blue jewel. After defeating Plant 42, you will find a mansion key somewhere. When you go back to the mansion, get to the second floor and go to the hall with the numeric key pad. You cannot go in that door -- turn around and you will see a door on the side of the wall. Open that door. When you enter, you will find a light switch beside the door. Answer "Yes" to flip the switch. Turn to your left and you will see something shining. It is the red jewel. You will have to push the moveable steps up to the deer head and press X to get it. Make sure the lights are off, or it will not work.
Getting the Eagle and Wolf crests and enter the lab: Get the Doom Book 1 and the Doom Book 2. Go to the items screen, select the Doom Books, then press "Check". Turn the doom book so the pages face you then press X. The crests will appear. Put them at the water fountain with the eagle and wolf symbols to gain access to the labs.
Fight Bravo Team member Forest as Jill and Chris: When playing as Chris, just go to the balcony on the second floor of the mansion. Approach the corpse (Forest). There should be a mansion key. Try to pick it up. Forest will attack you.
Quickly look for Wesker: Use the following trick to quickly look for Wesker in the mansion hall. Start the game as Jill. When you reach the point where Wesker disappears, just go behind the big staircase and go back to Barry.
Shoot the camera: You can shoot the camera in the hallway where the dogs first jump through the window. You have to be far away from the camera when the first dog jumps through. Kill the dog and try to point the gun at the middle of the screen. Bullet holes should appear for a split second.
Alternate Ken's corpse: When you play the game as Jill, she and Barry will go into the dining room. After Barry walks forward, turn around and go out the door. Wesker will tell you to investigate if you hear gun fire. When you are back in the dining room, try to go out the door again. Barry will proclaim that it is not like you to lose courage. After Barry is done talking about the blood, walk towards the Grandfather Clock and a zombie will appear through the door. Barry will kill the zombie, and he will walk up to it and say "What the hell!". Then, after the scene in the first room in the mansion after Barry gives you the lock pick, go back to the dining room and go through the door. Go to where Ken's corpse is located and his body should be different. Note: When you view Ken's second corpse you cannot get the ammunition from him.
Detecting enemies: In order to tell whether or not there is an enemy that you can hear, but cannot see (off screen), turn in the opposite direction of where the enemy may be, and press Aim. If there is an enemy present, your character will turn around and aim in the direction of the enemy. If nothing is there, your character will just aim in the direction you are facing. This also is useful if you are not sure if a taken down zombie is actually dead.
Reset game: Pause the game during play and press Start + Select. The game will reset and return to the main menu.
Controller configuration: Press Select + Start during game play.

Submitted by: CheatBookJon, Lynus Rose, VdeP and Big 'H'

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