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Retro Sony Playstation, PS1, PsOne, PSX Game Cheats
MegaMan X5
Also known as: RockMan X5
Alt. name(s): Mega Man X5, Rock Man X5

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Zero's Black armor
On the Character Selection screen, highlight Zero and press:
Down, Down, Up, Up, Up, Up, Up, Up, Up, Up, Up.
You will hear a sound if entered correctly. Now press Circle.
Zero's Black armor will reduce damage slightly as compared to his Red armor.

X Buster's Super Nova armor

On the Character Selection screen, highlight X Buster and press:
Up, Up, Down, Down,  Down, Down, Down, Down, Down, Down, Down.
You will hear a sound if entered correctly. Now press Circle.
You will start with Super Nova Armor from Megaman X4.

The Fourth armor
On the Character Selection screen, highlight X and press:
Up, Up, Down, Down,  Down, Down, Down, Down, Down, Down, Down, Up, Up, Down, Down,  Down, Down, Down, Down, Down, Down, Down.
You will hear a sound if entered correctly.
You will have the Fourth Armor, which is a mix of the Ultimate Armor and the Falcon Armor.

Button Combinations submitted by: AtapalaP


Grizzly Slash:
Spike Ball/Twin Dream
Duff McWhalen: C-Shot/C-Sword
Squid Adler: G-Shower/F-Splasher
Izzy Glow: Tri-Thunder/E-Blade
Dark Dizzy: F-Lazer/C-Flasher
The Skiver: Dark Hold
Mattrex: Wing Spiral/W-Shredder
Axle The Red: Ground Fire/Quake Blazer
Rock Monster: Tri-Thunder
Robo Mask: X-Buster/Z-Saber
Zero or X: F-Lazer/C-Flasher
Sigma 1: X-Buster/Z-Saber
Sigma 2: X-Buster/Z-Saber

Falcon armor
In Grizzly Slash's area, after the train section in the caves there is a opening -- use C-Sword.
Body: In Duff McWhalen's Area where the water drains, use G-Shaver and open the blocked Capsule.
Head: In S. Adlers's area, collect all the E. Spheres on the bike ride.
Arms: In Izzy Glow's area, after the spiral stairs, destroy the Plazma Cannon and get the arms once past.

Gaea armor
Before Dark Dizzy's chamber is a pit. Go in and use the F-Laser to blow it up from inside.
Body: Just Before the third lift, use the Falcon armor to find the well hidden Capsule.
Arms: Instead of going up the end vines, keep moving right and use double jump.
Legs: During the second rope climbing section there is a opening. Fly up with the Falcon armor and get the legs.

Recommended level order

Grizzly Slash, Duff Mcwhalen, Squid Adler, Izzy Glow, Dark Dizzy, The Skiver, Mattrex, and Axle The Red.

Zero's Supreme Slash

Repeatedly press Forward + Square as quickly as possible.
This is the best to finish some of the Bosses.

Zeros's Slash combo

Press Square, Square, Back, Square for a 4 hit combo which works on any Boss.

Zero's Sabre Slash on Bosses

Usually you can do up to 3 or 4 hit combo on any Boss. However, the Final Slash will paralyze the Boss for awhile, which prevents you from slashing it during this time. To avoid this, hit the Boss with a 2 or 3 hit combo and do not use the Final Slash. It would be better if you used Zero's Supreme Slash.

Defeating Dark Dizzy

Shoot the F-Laser with X standing at the center of the screen. Guide it under him, then have it turn around and go the other way. If timed correctly, Dark Dizzy will move into the tail of the laser, but your laser will not be used up. You can do this either under him or beside him. Yolu will have to guess whether he will move up/down or to the side.

Ultimate armor for X or Zero

Go past all of the spike traps in the third Sigma level. You will reach what appears to be a pit. Slide down the right side of it until you fall into a room that contains a capsule. Step into the capsule to obtain the armor. When playing as X, you will have to intentionally die and restart the level to use it. Zero will automatically equip it.

Ultimate armor

In Maverick Area 3, immediately before the end, is a platform over a pit. Fall, stay to the right, and go through the fake wall.

Save a life

After Zero becomes a Maverick you get a new stage. Enter the stage and climb the wall to your left. Collect the helmet (extra life) located there. When you lose a life, you can get it again and you will have the same lives that you started with.

Destroying the colony

To destroy the colony, get the it as close as possible wqth at least 3 parts -- i.e. the lower the hours, the better the chance of destroying the colony with the Enigma.

Megaman X4 appearance

Start a training level with X or Zero. Get to the end of the level to find Magma Dragoon, a maverick from Megaman X4. Also, make it to Maverick Base level 3. Play this level as Zero to fight X, who will use moves from Megaman X4 such as Soul Body, Frost Tower, and Double Cyclone.


Sad ending:
To get the sad ending, start the game with X. Zero dies and X has no memory of him.

Sad ending 2

Start the game with Zero and complete it with Zero. This ending implies that both X and Zero die..
Although the game does imply that they both die, at the end of the credits there is a picture in the background showing Megaman X running while carrying Zero's saber, which implies he survived somehow.

Good ending

Start the game with Zero and complete it with X. Zero still dies, but X keeps his memory alive.

Hints submitted by: Alison McVey, Todd2Zero and AJ

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