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Mega Man Legends 2
MegaMan Legends 2

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Hard and easy modes:
After completing the game in normal mode, both hard and easy modes will be unlocked. In easy mode, you do not need to bother updating your digging license; your first license will allow you to go into all ruins. Additionally, the lady at the Digger's Guild will not let you take the test. Also, Zenny found when destroying Reaverbots are worth more, while shop prices are less and Bosses are easier.
Very Hard mode: Acquire the Class S License and successfully complete the game.


Method 1:
Go to the Manda Island ruins after you get the class S license at the gallery or digout. Then, equip the Vacuum Arm and go back to the ruins, as long as you have already destroyed the first breakable wall with the Drill Arm. There will be a large bird statue (only if there is a chest at the beginning of the ruins). Kill it to get 6,500 Zenny with no guild license, 8,000 Zenny with the first level license, or 10,000 Zenny if you have a class S license. After you destroy the statue and get the Zenny, go through the door, then turn around and go back out through the door. The bird statue will appear again. Defeat it from the door, and once it starts exploding get very close to the door. Immediately after you get the Zenny with the Vacuum Arm, go back trough the door. Repeat this to get as much money as needed.
Method 2: Go to Calbania and go out the door of Shu's place to see two red Reaverbots. Destroy them both to get 5000 Zenny. Go out and come back in and they will be there again.
Method 3: The Reaverbot Eye that you buy from the man in Saul Kada can be sold to the owner of the junk shop in Yosyonke. Go through the back door. He will offer you 100,000 Zenny, but hold out for 300,000 Zenny. Do not ask for 500,000 Zenny or he will turn you down and when you ask him again, he will only offer you 10,000 Zenny.
Method 4: Simply find an empty can and kick it into the nearest trash can.
Method 5: Get the Flame Barrier and an S Class Licensee then go to the Planet Elysium. Go into the defense area and proceed until you find a Reverbot that is flying above you. Do not kill it -- it will make three flaming Reverbots. Kill them and the flying Reverbot will make more. Repeat to get as much Zenny as needed.
Method 6: When you kill a Reaverbot or anything else, go directly in the middle of the explosion while it is blowing up. You will not get hurt, and you will automatically get all the Zenny without it spreading all over.
Method 7: Go to the ruins where the fourth key was held. Have the Vacuum Arm on and get to the fifth floor. Take out the missile bot in the center, then just run around destroy all the bots that appear. Use the Vacuum Buster to get the money so you do not get damaged. You can get over 100,000 Zenny in 10 to 30 minutes. This will help get more energy packs and upgrades faster.
Method 8: After opening the ruins on Nino Island, go to floor B2. There will be some plate-shaped Reaverbots. Destroy and collect Zenny. Escape and repeat. Note: The Drill Arm would be useful.
Method 9: There are two trash cans in Yosyonke, each with an empty soda can nearby. The trash can next to the general store gives you 200 Zenny when you kick the soda can into it (with Square or Triangle). The trash can behind the doctors office gives you 1,000 Zenny when you kick the soda can into it.
Method 10: Go into Professor Barrel's room on the Flutter. The bed and one of the desks or dressers will have Zenny in them.


For any Boss, a good strategy is to equip a special weapon that you can run with while shooting, such as the Machine Buster. If possible, take a Hyper Cartridge. Run around them using the sideways run, turning to adjust your path every once in a while. Along with jumping, you should be able to avoid most of the attacks. Shoot the special weapon to wear them down, and use your Buster to finish them off. Note: If you have the Laser, it is much more useful than any other weapon. Note: If you are fighting Sera, wait until it is in the second form to use the special weapon.
Reaverbots: Successfully complete the game under the very hard difficulty setting. Start a new game and look at your Buster parts. You now will have the Accessory Pack Omega, which maxes out all of your abilities.
Shielders: If you shoot a Shielder with any high impact weapon, its shield will be blown away allowing it to be hit more easily.

Refractors are found after destroying Reaverbots that are not on the test or "Refractor Bosses".
Small silver Refractors: 5 Zenny
Green Refractors: 25 Zenny
Yellow Refractors: 50 Zenny
Pink Refractors: 150 Zenny
Light purple Refractors: 250 Zenny
Purple Refractors: 500 Zenny

These are found after defeating a previous Boss or Bosses in certain ruins in the room after the defeated Boss.
Refractor B: 30,000 Zenny
Refractor A: 50,000 Zenny
Refractor S: 100,000 Zenny


Method 1:
Find a pig near the home of Shu and her brothers on Carbania Island. Keep on kicking the pig and Megaman will get darker, then the pig with a couple of kicks/throws later. Note: If you do this you will not be able to take the Mayor's Quiz on Manda Island.
Method 2: Megaman can turn black by killing the two running yellow animals in Yoshyokne Town, at the location with the broken train station and the house (at the beginning of the game) outside the city. Megaman cannot aim at themm but his shots can hit them. They can be killed with a couple dozen of shots.
Method 3: On Nino Island in Danger Room 2, shoot the cannons until they explode. People will be lying on the ground. Pick them up and throw them off the edge. Do the same to the person who does not have a cannon that says "Hot".

Getting concealed Zenny:
Zenny may get stuck in the wall or on a mountain from time to time. To get the Zenny (Refractor Crystals) off the wall or side surface, simply stand next to it and jump. The Zenny will fall off the wall and you will land on top of it.
Pig: After destroying Glyde's base, Shu will give you a pig. Sell it for 5000 Zenny. Do not give it to the girl on Nino Island, as she will eat it, which is what Shu told you not to do.
Picnic Lunch: Talk to Roll on the Flutter and pay the 4,000 Zenny to fix the kitchen and other areas Data burned in the fire at the beginning as soon as possible. Not only can you get the Broken Motor after it is fixed, but you also can talk to Roll and she will say "There's something I want..." She will ask for a new refrigerator. Buy it for her, then exit the Flutter and re-enter. Go to the second floor and to the kitchen area. Check the refrigerator and you will get a Picnic Lunch, which refreshes all of your life gauge. After you use it, you can return and get another. This way you can always have a secondary Canteen available. Use the Picnic Lunch first, so you do not have to use the expensive Canteen. Remember to use it only after down to nothing.
Cut down trees: After the train event in Yokeshstone, go to where the explosion is located. Look for trees. Equip the Drill Arm and hit the tree. It will either blow up or fall down.
Energy level: Do not panic when you have about three hits left on your life bar. No matter how low you are, until your energy bar is flashing red, you are good to go. As long as you have even less than half an energy "click" left in your life gauge you still have two hits, and not one. This should prove helpful during long levels and Bosses
Avoid burning or freezing to death: You can never burn or freeze to death if you are in the red with shield and on fire. Wait for the fire (or ice) to go out, then use your Canteen. Note: If you go out of fire and get hit by the "tongue" of fire or ice via a Shielder (or anything else that may set you ablaze, such as lava or ice pits) again, you will be terminated
Invincible to electricity: If you wear the Hover Shoes, you will be invulnerable to electricity.
Getting the Jet Skates: Use the following trick to get the Jet Skates quickly. In the first ruin where you have to save Joe, get the old hover jets. When you first go down, take the path on the right, then go straight into the room. The jets should be in that room. After you save Joe and go to the surface, go to the Junk Shop and buy the Roller Board. Take this to Roll and she will make you the Jet Skates.
Getting the Drill Arm: Get the Heavy Gear from the box to the right of the Sulfur-Bottom when you head to Bluecher. It is directly in front of the door to the right. You also need the Blunted Drill from the pottery barrels to the right of the building next to the ruin with the first key.
Drill Arm in combat: Use your Drill Arm on Bosses, such as the three jellyfish or Bola and Claymore. A fully powered up drill can destroy them in seconds, and works against any enemy that you can reach at point blank range. It also destroys tough normal enemies with one hit, and uses little to no power. It is also incredibly cheap to upgrade.
Getting the Cleated Shoes: Complete the Train level then go back through the train's entrance. You should run to an area with one box and will get the Spike Chip.
Cheaper Final Buster upgrades: Megaman can buy his Final Buster upgrades cheaper in Pokte Island if you do not allow the buildings to be destroyed or if you paid to have them be rebuilt.
Saving Data: At the start of the game, when you have to save Data in the fire, allow the fire to hit you until your life gauge turns red. Roll will turn on the sprinklers and you will not have to do any work.
High ledge: Go to the underground water dungeon under the little Island that was attacked by Glyde and the Birdbots gang. Get to where Roll says that there is a place very high up. Use the following trick to get up to the high platform. Have the Hydrojet equipped, which enables Jet-Skate underwater. Then aim forward and hold [Up] while Jet-Skating in order to get to the other side of the platform. Although it looks far, it will work because you have a greater chance to get height when underwater.
Elysium Residential Area: Path through the light: On the beginning Island, you will see some portals open and some closed. Look at your mini-display-map at the top-left side of the screen and go to the portal until you on the map (the blue arrow) is pointing as close to directly up as possible. Enter that portal. Point the blue arrow on the map again and go up. There should be a flaming Reaverbot or two walking around. Defeat the bot(s) and point the arrow on the map right. More Reaverbots will be on this island. Take another right. Now go downward. There should be three Reaverbots marching around. Now, turn left and that should be the end of your trek. Go inside the building to save.
Elysium: Easy Zenny: After you find the giant refractor in the defense area and use it to power the elevator on the Central Area, you can receive easy Zenny by killing the three yellow Reaverbots. You can destroy them easily without taking damage by jumping on top of the gates. Usually the Reaverbots will just run around the gate, trying to hit you. Just destroy them and collect the over 6,000 Zenny each one rewards. Return to the Shuttle Bay Area via the elevator, return, and repeat.
Nino Island: Killing enemies: On Nino Island, where you get the second key, you can kill the three jellyfish-like Reaverbots and the gigantic red fish-like Reaverbots very easily. After you flood the floor, walk towards the small passage where you must place a metal block on a button to pass. Very near to it, you can find another door leading to another elevator. Go up using the elevator, activate the computer systems to drain the water from the floor below, and return. Now, the red fish-like reaverbots harmlessly flop about, allowing you to destroy them to receive lots of Zenny. Along with this, the three jellyfish cannot move at all. Just shoot yellow energy spheres around, which are very slow. Kill them for more Zenny, along with the key.
Pokte Village: Flying Mega Man: When in Pokte Village, if you do not allow the buildings to be destroyed or you paid to have them be rebuilt, enter the shop and purchase a model of the Sulpher Bottom. Give this to Roll and she will put it in her room. Go in there and jump on the model from underneath. Mega Man will hold on and start flying around the room.

Submitted by: CheatBookJon, AJ, S. Thomson, LA*b*, Aziz K and Wolverine-72

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