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Nintendo 64, N64 Game Cheats
Mega Man 64
Also known as: RockMan Dash
Alt. name(s): MegaMan 64, Rock Man Dash

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Method 1:
Use a high powered gun such as the Shinning Laser in places like the Underground City, Uptown, and Downtown to get more money than with the Buster Gun.
Method 2: To get 51,100 Zenny, talk to Data. Say "I keep losing fights...". Data will say some things about saving money and give you 100 Zenny. He will then say "Want some more?" Select "No" to get 1000 more Zenny. If you answered "Yes", he will say "Don't be greedy". He once again asks "Want some more?" Select "Yes" this time, an you will get 1000, 2000, 3000, and so on, up to 10,000 Zenny. When totaled, you can get 51,100 Zenny, but it can only be done once.
Method 3: Do the Cop mission where you have to get the "stolen" money. After you get the trunk, do not take it to the inspector. Instead, keep it and leave downtown. You will instantly get 200,000 Zenny. Note: Your armor will turn black.
Method 4: Go to Apple Market and kick the can into the bakery. The woman behind the counter will give you 1000 Zenny. Enter any shop and exit. The can will reappear. Repeat this as many times as needed. Note: This will still work when everyone leaves.
Method 5: Go to the market just before the main city (the junk store is found here). At the south entrance/exit, you can find a small yellow can on the ground next to a garbage pail. Start kicking it until you put it behind the counter of the larger of the two bread stores. A "Nice shot! Bonus 1000 Zenny" message will appear, followed by Remember to recycle your empty cans". You can exit and re-enter the market and repeat this as many times as needed.
Method 6: Play the beast hunter game at the Studio to get 4000 Zenny for completing grade A. Repeat this as many times as needed.
Method 7: Once you have destroyed the Bruno robot in Old City, go in the gate down to the Main Gate. Destroy the fire breathing dog. Collect the Zenny with the Vacuum Arm. Exit where you entered, and repeat as many times as needed. Before that though, there are "beehives" in the Cordon Ruins, where you get the Yellow Refractor. As long as you do not destroy the "hives" themselves, they unleash a unlimited number of flying enemies.


Hard difficulty:
Successfully complete the game to unlock the hard difficulty setting.
Easy difficulty: Successfully complete the game under the hard difficulty setting to unlock the easy difficulty setting. Alternately, successfully complete the game with a time less than 3 hours. Note: The Bust Max will be available at the start of a game in easy mode.
Start with Jet Skates and Buster Max: Successfully complete the game under the hard difficulty setting with a time less than 8 hours. The Jet Skates and Buster Max will already be available at the start of the next new game. You can also start with the Jet Skates and Buster Max when a new game is started under the easy difficulty setting.


Hitch a ride:
Sometimes you can hop on the cars that go through the town and go anywhere it takes you. This is very easy with a truck because you can jump on the back and hold on.
Flips: If you stand on a ledge then roll off it sideways, it will appear as if Megaman is doing a flip.
Get up faster: When you get knocked down by an enemy, immediately hold A and you will reduce the amount of time it takes to get up. This works well with a Boss that attacks quickly, such as Megaman Juno's second form. Note: This works best without the helmet.
Increase range: With the special weapons Grenade Arm, Grand Grenade, and anything else that can be thrown, press C-Right and aim up before firing to increase the range that it is thrown.
Get the key quicker: When you go off to fight Servbots in the yellow, red and blue robots, go to the blue one. Get right next to it and throw the mines at it. After a few hits, it will explode. The key will be floating up in the air.
Skip streets: Acquiring the Jump Springs allows you do more than hitch rides around town. You can leap and catch ledges of buildings -- allowing you to completely skip some streets.
Finding items in trash cans: If the lid flies up on a trash can when you kick it, nothing is in it. If the lid stays, there is something in it.
Exploding items: Trash Cans, Soda Machines, and Boxes will explode violently if hit with a explosive or the Drill Arm.
Free soft drinks: There are two ways to get free soft drinks. If you are inside the Flutter, go to the living room. There is a cooler with unlimited soft drinks in it. If you are in the city, find a vending machine and kick it. A soft drink will come out without you having to pay.
Quick energy cubes: To quickly gain a little health in battle, shoot a Servbot until he is smoking, then kick him a couple of times. At least two energy cubes should appear from each Servbot.
Black armor: Destroying public property, the News Blimp (when Bon Bonne is attacking City Hall) or keeping the stolen bank money will turn your armor black. People also will not like you.
Black armor (2): Keep on using the "kick the can" easy money trick to turn your armor darker. Eventually it will be black and dark blue. If you can get to this color, you can defeat Bosses much easier, and people will still like you. As a plus, you can also get a lot of money.
Black armor (3): When city hall is attacked by Baby Bonne, equip all slots to range enhancing items. Aim up, and you will see a news crew airship. Shoot it down and you will get darker.
Winning the racing mini-game: Pull back to brake the skates and turn easier, and push forward to speed up.
Opening the museum: Get the Lipstick from Hipbone after talking to the artist, and take it to her.
Defeating Juno: Never stop moving. If you continue to strafe left or right, his attacks (such as his lunge or other body attacks) will never hit you. You may have to jump when he uses his ground pound or other moves that cover vast areas. Circle and fire you Buster Gun. You do not have time to fire your secondary weapon, However the secondary weapon that should be selected is the homing missile. The Buster parts you need to base your attacks on are the ones that give power and attack. Range is not always needed. The rate that you fire is also necessary.
Changing Roll: Enter and re-enter Roll's room several times on the Flutter during the entire game. She will eventually say your name, but you cannot see her. Mega Man will look very surprised and Roll will tell you to knock the next time you come in. When you leave, Mega Man will do the victory motion he normally does after you defeat a Boss.
Walk through a Reaverbot: Get every special weapon in the game. When you do this, you will be able to walk through the Reaverbots, but you cannot guard against their weapons.

Submitted by: CheatBookJon, AJ and David Gee

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